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National & International Debt Enforcement

Should all our pre-judicial proceedings to move the debtor to make payment remain without success, you will be notified in writing before the deadline of the payment period is reached. At S.M.C.M International GmbH there is no automatic introduction of a judicial debt collection. We will initiate this procedure against charge only after you instruct us to continue.

Billing is based on the scale of charges and fees of each country. We will inform you transparently and in advance about additional expenses. Your chances of success will be assessed objectively by us.

We will handle all the necessary measures for you, from the initiation of the procedures to the conclusion. These include:

  • Establishing contact with the appropriate authorities in your country or abroad
  • Filling out forms and applications
  • Initiation of the claim collection (initiation of proceedings, attachment of claim, liquidation, allocation, certificate of forfeiture)
  • Final report