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Accounts Receivable Management/Debt Collection

We turn your claims to income.
If we do not collect, no costs arise for you.

S.M.C.M. will do its utmost to realise your interests in the area of Accounts Receivable Management and Debt Collection when your customers payments stay out. Additionally, you profit from the global network of our local partners in the pre-judicial proceedings. Take advantage of this strength as well as our international presence for the optimal design of debt collection in your specific field of business.


As a first step we do everything possible to collect your claims through our experienced collection specialists without involving governmental agencies and courts. We assume all necessary measures for you. These include:

  • Mailing Demand Letters
  • Carrying out Debt Collection by Telephone
  • Making Arrangement of Payment by Instalments
  • Preparation of Repayment Plans
  • Monitoring of Deadlines and Correspondence

All efforts in the above fields, such as entry-, processing- and writing fees as well as postage and telephone costs, are free of charge for you. We work exclusively at our own risk, without case- or expense rates. No costs whatsoever result for you should we be unsuccessful. You can only win as a customer of S.M.C.M. International GmbH.